SCiSupplier, is the only common solution for mulit-funder supply chain finance and dynamic discounting on the market. Honored with 28 prestigious awards, SCiSupplier has become the market standard, allowing buyers to increase their payment terms and generate substantial cash flow gains or improve their collected discounts by helping their suppliers get paid early.

SCiSupplier can be used in virtually any currency and jurisdiction, allowing suppliers to receive funding at attractive terms and reducing the risk of supply chain disruptions.

Today, SCiSupplier generates additional cash flow and improved margins for 17,000 companies in 22 different currencies and in more than 50 countries. Unique among any other accounts payable finance platforms, SCiSupplier can accommodate any financial institution or the buyer’s surplus cash to fund the supply chain finance and dynamic discounting program.

Currently, we have more than 50 funders, including the worlds largest banks, nonbank funders, and capital market investors. SCiSupplier is the only solution on the market that gives you the freedom to use third-party funders and/or to self-fund your supply chain finance program.

Using detailed payment term strategies developed by our SCiMap solution, our supply chain finance and dynamic discounting programs identify the optimal mix of terms, rates, and funders within a single platform and with one set of legal agreements. Countries and currencies can easily be added as your program expands into different jurisdictions.

SCiSupplier provides each of the parties involved in the program with a powerful, secure, and unique view as well as control of their part in the process:
Buyers electronically transmit payables data to SCiSupplier with no change to the existing invoice approval process.

Suppliers can see all of the approved invoices and choose all or specific invoices for early payment at any time before maturity, either through manual selection, filtering criteria, or with our unique auto-trade function.

Funders can view each supplier finance program they are involved with on a real-time basis across their entire portfolio of buyers and receive automated payment advices and reports.

Are you a Buyer or a Supplier?


* If you’re looking to unlock more cash flow, we’ll gladly relinquish the keys.
* Increase gross margin & EBITDA
* Generate higher returns on cash
* Improve financial health of supply chain
* Complement other early payment programs
* Launch in 6 to 10 weeks

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Pick and choose how much of your accounts receivables you want to trade. Get paid as soon as tomorrow.

* Improve cash flow
* Access early payment on demand
* Eliminate paperwork and contracts
* Enjoy world-class support
* Accelerate cash in just 2 clicks

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Lnkifins Prime Revenue platform creates transparency and eliminates risk.
We bring buyers and their suppliers together in a live marketplace without intermediaries to find a real-time rate for cash flow.
Our utility-based pricing model lets cash flow freely between companies at the unique rate that works for everyone.

Free up your working capital
Working capital around the world is trapped

For any business, it takes an average of 60 days to be paid. Additionally, funding options around the world are limited and only cover a small percentage of the $43 trillion in outstanding accounts receivable worldwide.

Our Solution is efficient and risk-free

Traditionally, working capital finance is provided by intermediaries with little incentive to create transparency or to make cash readily available for all companies. In this old model, borrowed working capital is risk-based and requires underwriting by third-party financial institutions.

How is it risk-free?

On approved invoices, it isn’t a matter of “if” buyers are going to pay suppliers, it’s just a matter of “when.”


The payment process stays the same

With PrimeRevenue, invoice processing between buyers and suppliers doesn’t change. Only the payment date and the invoice amount are changed, and to your advantage. Funders pay the suppliers directly, just as they would do normally, only faster.

We’ve shown how PrimeRevenue fits into the A/P process for buyers. For the suppliers’ A/R process, it’s just as easy. PrimeRevenue provides suppliers with a simple award file that provides the new invoice total to keep transaction records accurate.

We told you it was easy