We Are Linkifin
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Multi- Funder Supply Chain Finance Business

Everyone knows that efficient markets are good for business. There are markets for stocks, bonds, commodities and now working capital. It’s about time. Welcome to Linkifin.

In our market buyers and suppliers collaborate on early cash flow at a rate that’s profitable for both.

Buyers simply upload their approved invoices onto the market platform and Suppliers request early payment of their approved invoices at a rate that works for them.

The PrimerRevenue platform makes all this happens.
Best of all, Linkifin has Propell Financial Technologies as our support and Africa partners.

No matter which side of the supply chain you’re on, improving your financial health starts here.

The real benefits of a supply chain finance program can number in the billions, but for now, let’s start with four.

Supply Chain Finance Program

Whether you’re a buyer looking to invest in a new initiative or a supplier wanting to improve your financial health, a supply chain finance program can unlock up to five times more working capital through our proven track record, global reach and powerful analytics tools.

Our cloud-enabled platform serves as a central hub for education and onboarding, making the implementation process fast and easy for both buyers and suppliers. Submit everything digitally with the touch of a button. So by tomorrow, you could be up and running

For buyers, we provide the required liquidity, no matter the size or scale of your business. For suppliers, you determine which invoices to cash in early or set it to auto-advance, which will instantly trade based on pre-set parameters. We offer the flexibility both sides need to achieve your goals.

Tying a supply chain finance program to just one bank limits jurisdictions, rates and rules, while increasing your risk. Our network of more than fifty funders (and growing) provides buyers and suppliers with numerous sources of liquidity, creating a limitless environment for success.